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Ninjazone in Goldsboro

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Help Your Child Unleash Their Inner Ninja!

Our Ninjazone program at Elite Athletics gives students the chance to learn the fundamentals of coordination and gymnastics, the discipline and structure of martial arts, and the strategy and agility of obstacle course training... all in a fun and creative way! Your child will join other students from around Goldsboro, Rosewood, Princeton, and Pikeville in unleashing their inner ninja. 



Every kid dreams of being a ninja. With our Ninjazone program, you can make your child's dreams come true! Your child will start out with the fundamentals of agility training and progress through a level system of colored headbands as they gain more skills and heightened confidence. Our team at Elite Athletics will make sure your son or daughter can train in a comfortable, safe environment as they get Goldsboro's best gymnastics training.


Ninjazone provides:
  • Unwavering confidence for every student
  • A sense of achievement after earning a new headband
  • A fun, unique, and exciting experience
  • The chance to meet new friends and mentors

No matter whether your child is new to gymnastics or has been practicing their ninja skills for years, our team at Elite Athletics is committed to providing a training space that caters to their needs. We've helped kids from across the Goldsboro area unleash their inner ninja... we can help your child, too!

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Our Ninjazone program will give your child all the fun they deserve from their gymnastics experience while also learning confidence, discipline, and how to follow instructions. Our team at Elite Athletics is proud to provide our students with quality training in a supportive environment where your child can make new friends and truly thrive.

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