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The Power of Positive Coaching

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The Power of Positive Coaching

Positive coaching focuses on what athletes are doing right. Instead of always pointing out and trying to fix mistakes, we catch them doing something well and acknowledge it. We follow this model so that the kids who come to train with us are excited to learn.

Our coaches also work with athletes to focus on the hard work that goes into the process of learning. We emphasize having fun so that kids want to continue participating in a sport because of it.

Positive coaching doesn’t only develop better athletes; it also develops better people. Here are a few of the life lessons that athletes learn through positive coaching in their sport:

1. Focus on What You Can Control.

As coaches, we help our athletes focus on the factors that are within their control. We can’t control our genetics, but we can control our effort, discipline, and reactions to challenges or mistakes.

2. Be a Good Teammate.

Even in an individual sport like tumbling, gymnastics, or martial arts, each athlete is part of a bigger team. A good teammate is supportive, honest, humble, and holds others and themselves accountable.

3. Learn from Mistakes.

Athletes don’t like making mistakes. No one does. However, the fear of making a mistake can be a bigger obstacle. Not only do we encourage our athletes to learn from their mistakes, but we also coach our athletes to be okay with making them in the first place.

4. Focus On Preparation.

When you’re an athlete, it’s hard not to focus on the outcomes. However, we coach our athletes to acknowledge that there will be an outcome. But we want them to focus more on preparation, the learning process, and their individual improvement over time.

5. Respect Others.

Athletes are expected to show respect to anyone who is involved with their sport: coaches, officials, teammates, and themselves. No matter if things are going well or not, athletes are coached to treat others with respect.

At Elite Athletics in Goldsboro, our experienced coaching staff uses positive coaching techniques with every athlete. To learn more about our programs and how to get started, contact us today.

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