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Become a Well-Rounded Athlete with Obstacle Course Training

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Become a Well-Rounded Athlete with Obstacle Course Training

Ninja Zone classes combine skills inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacles course training, and freestyle movement. Kids jump, roll, run, climb, and flip over and around obstacles.

Your child not only develops skills they need to complete obstacle courses, but they also become well-rounded athletes. The following physical skills gained through obstacle course training help set your child up for success in a variety of sports and activities:


Obstacle course training increases a child’s functional strength. Kids use their own body weight to move through a variety of obstacles and physical challenges. The result is an increase in upper and lower body strength, as well as core strength.

Bone Density

Weight-bearing activities, like obstacle course training, contributes to a child’s bone density. The more weight-bearing activities you do as a kid, the stronger and healthier your bones become. Plus, our bone density as adults is determined by how much weight-bearing activity we got as a kid.

Body Control

Body control develops as kids learn to use their body’s strength and power efficiently. The gymnastics moves in Ninja training, like flips and rolls, helps kids create this sense of body control.


Kids develop the strength they need to complete obstacles and movements, and they also improve the skill to complete these movements quickly.


Several obstacles in Ninja courses involve some element of balance. As kids navigate different challenges, they improve their sense of balance.


To complete a course, kids must be able to climb up, over, and around obstacles with ease. Navigating a course requires flexibility, which is another physical skill that kids improve.


With the variety of obstacles and movements that kids complete in obstacle courses, it requires a great deal of coordination. Kids can practice coordinating the messages between their brain and their body.

Ninja Zone is a great option for your child’s next birthday party, as well as other occasions. To learn more about scheduling a Ninja Zone birthday party with Elite Athletics in Goldsboro, contact us today.

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