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6 Fundamental Principles Kids Learn through Martial Arts

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6 Fundamental Principles Kids Learn through Martial Arts

Martial arts programs for kids are a great way to get kids moving and physically active. At Elite Athletics, kids learn the basic katas, self-defense skills, and techniques for kicks and punches.

At the same time, each student will learn about respect and the common courtesies of the martial arts.

Our martial arts program focuses on the following fundamental principles:

1. Honor your parents.

We introduce martial arts values to students on the mats, but the goal is for valuable lessons to carry over into a child’s daily life. Honor and respect are both values we teach kids to demonstrate in class, as well as at home.

2. Speak to all adults with respect and proper greeting.

Showing respect for adults is another expectation common within martial arts schools. Our instructors set good examples of respectful behavior, and we pass along what this means to our students.

3. Respect your peers and classmates.

Martial arts teaches kids to build self-discipline, patience, self-control, and mutual respect. Kids are expected to show respect to their fellow students both in martial arts and at school.

4. Show loyalty to your family and friends.

Loyalty is a strong feeling of support and showing dedication to what you’ve committed to. In addition to respecting others, kids learn to support and show up for those that are close to them.

5. Persevere – never give up.

Kids develop self-discipline through martial arts. They learn to work hard and be patient, and in return, their effort will pay off. To feel a sense of accomplishment, kids must learn to persevere and never give up.

6. Be positive and always encourage others.

We teach our students to train with a positive attitude. This positivity includes encouraging others.

Elite Athletics in Goldsboro offers a martial arts program for pre-schoolers, as well as a kids program for ages six and up. We promote physical fitness and focused behavior. And we make sure your child has fun! To learn more about how to get started, contact us today.

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