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3 Ways Kids Develop a Strong Work Ethic

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3 Ways Kids Develop a Strong Work Ethic

Work is not a bad thing. When we commit to something and work hard, usually the payoff is worth the effort.

Developing a strong work ethic takes practice. One way that kids learn the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance is through individual sports. Sports like tumbling, martial arts, and swimming help your child adopt life-changing skills and recognize the relationship between hard work and results.

Here are a few ways that kids develop a strong work ethic on and off the floor:

1. Conditioning

In an individual sport like tumbling or martial arts, goal achievement and success comes from learning and then performing specific skills. To execute some of these skills, young athletes must have a certain level of physical and mental conditioning. This conditioning comes from showing up to class and training. As a child’s conditioning improves, it helps them perform a set of skills more effectively and efficiently. Going forward, as those skills improve along with more conditioning, there is room to progress to more advanced levels.

2. Time and Repetition

Athletic skills take time, hard work, and repetition to learn. And then it takes even more time to perfect them. Kids have to be willing to be patient and earn their results. The commitment to the learning process is where they develop self-discipline and a strong work ethic.

3. Persistence

It is rare to try a new skill and execute it perfectly on the first attempt. Instead, young athletes are encouraged to give something a try, accept feedback, adjust, and then try again. And again. Mistakes are a normal part of this process, and kids learn to repeat drills, exercises, and skills to improve each time. No matter if they make a mistake or not. Being persistent, even when those mistakes happen, is when kids create and build their work ethic.

At Elite Athletics in Goldsboro, we aim to develop the work ethic of a champion on and off the floor. We offer a variety of kids programs, including tumbling, martial arts, and ninja training.

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