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  • New Year's Fitness Goals

    New Year New You!

    So everyone has heard the phrase "New Year New You". Well there's a lot of truth to that. Every year we get a chance to start over. Its an opportunity to start from scratch, learn new things, do things better, and let go of the past. Goals
    So many of us are haunted and exhausted with the shame of starting and quitting fitness goals. Fitness seems to be a never ending battle that people have so much trouble starting and continuing. Many of us over complicate fitness and nutrition to the point where it becomes discouraging. We often look at all the steps ahead of us and the long windy road the journey may take us. But without goals it is very hard to measure your ....

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  • 3 Ways Kids Develop a Strong Work Ethic

    3 Ways Kids Develop a Strong Work Ethic

    Work is not a bad thing. When we commit to something and work hard, usually the payoff is worth the effort. Developing a strong work ethic takes practice. One way that kids learn the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance is through individual sports
    . Sports like tumbling, martial arts, and swimming help your child adopt life-changing skills and recognize the relationship between hard work and results. Here are a few ways that kids develop a strong work ethic on and off the floor: 1. Conditioning
    In an individual sport like tumbling or martial arts, goal achievement and success comes from learning and then performing specific skills. To execute some of these ....

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  • Criticism vs. Feedback - What's the Difference?

    Criticism vs. Feedback - What's the Difference?

    As an athlete learns new skills and trains to refine those skills, listening and then acting on a coach’s comments is an unavoidable part of the process. A coach’s delivery of these comments can end up either motivating or discouraging an athlete. An athlete’s decision to react positively or negatively to a coach’s comments is dependent on providing feedback, rather than criticism. So what’s the difference between criticism and feedback? Well, one is typically better received and leads to better results compared to the other. Criticism vs. Feedback
    Criticism passes judgment and focuses on an athlete’s faults. The message that comes from ....

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  • 3 Ways Gymnastics Helps ids Improve Focus

    3 Ways Gymnastics Helps ids Improve Focus

    Gymnastics is an excellent way for kids to improve their physical fitness. At the same time, it helps them develop focus and concentration early in life. By listening and paying attention in gymnastics or tumbling class, kids learn skills to help them concentrate and focus in all areas of life. Here are three ways that gymnastics helps kids to improve their focus: 1. Release Energy
    It’s hard to stay focused when you have excess energy. As adults, we recognize when this is happening and have sufficient outlets to get rid of that extra energy. Kids need some help finding an outlet, and gymnastics is a great option. After school gymnastics classes help kids get rid of energy ....

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  • 4 Ways Kickboxing Improves Your Fitness and Health

    4 Ways Kickboxing Improves Your Fitness and Health

    Kickboxing is an excellent workout with a variety of fitness and health benefits. Here are a few of the ways that kickboxing improves your fitness and health: 1. Full-Body Fitness
    If you feel like you’ve fallen into a bit of a rut with your current workout routine, kickboxing might be just what you need to mix things up. Kickboxing offers a full-body workout where you will burn a ton of calories while toning your upper and lower body. Rather than showing up at the gym and doing the same workout routine over and over, kickboxing will challenge your body in a variety of ways resulting in less boredom and more results. 2. More Flexibility
    When you think about your fitness ....

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  • 6 Fundamental Principles Kids Learn through Martial Arts

    6 Fundamental Principles Kids Learn through Martial Arts

    Martial arts programs for kids are a great way to get kids moving and physically active. At Elite Athletics, kids learn the basic katas, self-defense skills, and techniques for kicks and punches. At the same time, each student will learn about respect and the common courtesies of the martial arts. Our martial arts program
    focuses on the following fundamental principles: 1. Honor your parents.
    We introduce martial arts values to students on the mats, but the goal is for valuable lessons to carry over into a child’s daily life. Honor and respect are both values we teach kids to demonstrate in class, as well as at home. 2. Speak to all adults with respect and ....

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  • Become a Well-Rounded Athlete with Obstacle Course Training

    Become a Well-Rounded Athlete with Obstacle Course Training

    Ninja Zone classes
    combine skills inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacles course training, and freestyle movement. Kids jump, roll, run, climb, and flip over and around obstacles. Your child not only develops skills they need to complete obstacle courses, but they also become well-rounded athletes. The following physical skills gained through obstacle course training help set your child up for success in a variety of sports and activities: Strength
    Obstacle course training increases a child’s functional strength. Kids use their own body weight to move through a variety of obstacles and physical challenges. The result is an increase in upper and lower body ....

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  • The Power of Positive Coaching

    The Power of Positive Coaching

    Positive coaching focuses on what athletes are doing right. Instead of always pointing out and trying to fix mistakes, we catch them doing something well and acknowledge it. We follow this model so that the kids who come to train with us are excited to learn. Our coaches also work with athletes to focus on the hard work that goes into the process of learning. We emphasize having fun so that kids want to continue participating in a sport because of it. Positive coaching doesn’t only develop better athletes; it also develops better people. Here are a few of the life lessons that athletes learn through positive coaching in their sport: 1. Focus on What You Can Control.

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  • Elite Athletics Has Something Every Kid Will Love

    Elite Athletics Has Something Every Kid Will Love

    At Elite Athletics, we have something that every kid will love. We want kids to grow and attain their personal goals, as well as have fun. We’re on a mission to develop the mindset and work ethic of a champion
    , and we offer a variety of programs to support this development. Tumbling
    We offer two tumbling programs for different age groups. Pre-School Tumbling
    Our pre-school tumbling program is for ages three to five years old. The structure of this class is great for kids who are ready to learn the basics of tumbling. Kids learn skills like cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, and back bend kick overs. They also are introduced to more general skills like ....

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  • Choosing a Tumbling Gym for Your Kids

    Choosing a Tumbling Gym for Your Kids

    If you’re in the process of searching for an athletic facility for your kids, you’ve probably noticed the number of options available. And when it comes to tumbling gyms, not all gyms are alike. So, how do you go about choosing the right tumbling gym for your kids? Here are a few questions to answer during your search: What programs does the facility offer?
    Consider the age and comfort level of your child. Do they belong in a beginner-friendly environment, or are they more experienced? What programs does the gym offer to accommodate these differences? Also, look for a gym that provides kids with opportunities for growth. Find out the facility’s approach to a ....

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